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Kimstore (Gadgets)

"Your Trusted Online Gadget Store"

                                                     About KIMSTORE                                                    

Kimstore offers the latest gadgets online at affordable prices, and they're all brand new, original and in complete packaging (with freebies, sometimes!) And with a Go Negosyo badge of trust, you are assured of great customer service. 

Kimstore is an online electronics store based in Manila, Philippines. We are known for the affordable prices and outstanding customer service we offer, We are a Go Negosyo Awardee, 12 Young Starpreneur Awardee and most recently Entrepreneur June 2013's 12 Startup Successes Feature.

We have also been featured in numerous publications such as The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and Entrepreneur Magazine. Major television and radio networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA, Studio 23, GMA News TV, ANC,Radio Aksyon, DZRH have featured us prominently as the go-to shop for electronics. In the years to come, Kimstore will continue to serve the shifting hi-tech needs of our customers.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.kim.com.ph




                                                    Contact Number(s):                                                    

                                                        Email Address:                                                                

                                                       List of Products:                                                      

  • Cellphones
           Brands: Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, O+, Samsung, 
  • Tablets
          Brands: Apple, Asus, iFive Mini 2, LG, Samsung
  • Cameras (Digital, Mirrorless, DSLR, Video) 
  • Music players
          Brands: Apple
  • Laptops
          Brands: Apple
  • Gaming Consoles
          Brands: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

  • Gadget accessories

                                                         How to Order:                                                         
To order, kindly text them your item of choice, location as well as cellphone number to their contact numbers. 0905-3201818, 0922-8859799, 0908-8869799

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit (BDO or BPI), Cebuana Lhuillier

Meetup or Shipping Arrangements:

             Previous/Upcoming Bazaar(s)/Store Location(s)/Sale Announcements:            
Online-based only, no physical store.

They often hold price drops on their Facebook page (facebook.com/kimstorePH), as well as the latest and freshest news on gadgets. Their website is also updated with the latest news! www.kim.com.ph

                                          Previews of KIMSTORE'S Website:                                      
*Soft Opening

I love the Kimstore's website layout! Just looking at it makes me happy, it's cute and fun. Imagine yourself looking for a gadget you've been eyeing on for quite sometime, the website's layout will definitely add to your excitement.  

Other features of their website: Trending at Kimstore, New Stuff!, and Interesting Stuff!

Some quick links that you definitely won't miss out: Shipping, Terms & Conditions, Warranty & Repair, and FAQ's. And more important links below. 

                         KIMSTORE'S most popular products(as of July 2013):                        

 Samsung S4

Xperia Z

Flash! Battery Case for iPhone 5 

                                          What does YELLOW BOOK think?                                        

It's really an honor to work with Ms. Kim Lato (owner of Kimstore). When I started to plan out my blog, Kimstore is one of the top stores that I first thought of and because Ms. Kim Lato was the first one to send me the details I needed, here it is! 

Here are the factors why Yellow Book loves KIMSTORE:

1. I love gadgets!! I'm really updated with new gadgets and their prices. And I super love Apple products. Kimstore offers a lot of brands depending on what gadget, and some are not easy to find even in malls. 

2. Affordable & Low Prices. Kimstore does not only have affordable prices, but they have the lowest prices! It's true, try checking out mall prices of every gadget that Kimstore has, you'll be amazed how big the price difference is.

3. Outstanding customer service. Kimstore has a lot of clients, but still that doesn't keep them from answering your inquires. In fact, when I contacted them for my blog proposal they instantly sent me the details I needed. And same thing when it comes to customer inquiries, I've inquired a lot before and you'll just have to wait for a few minutes and they will instantly answer your inquiries. 

4. Convenient shopping. When I say convenient, I mean it's so easy to shop because you can easily find what gadget you like in their chosen websites, you do not have to inquire for their prices any more because it's already posted, the specs of the gadgets are already posted, and it's easy to order! 

                                 Yellow Book's want-to-buy from KIMSTORE:                                 

My latest eye candy: Samsung Galaxy S4 

Of course, I want the white one! And of course, they have it! And it's such a bargain compared to most prices. I remember inquiring from globe regarding their prepaid kit price, it's P30,990 meaning, the price is difference is P4,890 compared to Kimstore which is a really really good bargain. 
So if you're looking for affordable prices, outstanding customer service and convenient way to buy gadgtes visit www.kim.com.ph 

All photos & information courtesy of Kimstore.


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